Kylie Hall

Accounts & Finance Manager

After 84 years of brand investment, LJ Hooker continues to be the strongest real estate brand in Australia (#1 News poll survey 2004-2011).

The LJ Hooker Franchise Network invests millions annually on marketing properties, making it one of the top real estate advertisers in Australia.

For generations, Australians have grown up with the taglines "Nobody does it better" and, "Thank you Mr. Hooker". The distinctive red and yellow of the LJ Hooker brand were inspired by the iconic beach flags and caps associated with lifesaving on Sydney beaches, where Sir Leslie Hooker grew up, and the distinctive colours of the Australian outback. With such a rich heritage, the LJ Hooker brand is seen as a classic and an Australian icon.

"Real estate is not just about property, it's about people"

Sir Leslie Hooker